Technical accident analysis

Claims settlement made simple

Over two million traffic accidents annually, unclear accounts of accidents and contradictory statements by parties involved in accidents often result in time-consuming and costly processing.

Accidenta provides the solution. With its online platform, specially developed for accident reconstruction, Accidenta provides competent, fast, cost-effective and neutral technical accident analysis – particularly regarding the following issues:

  • Checking speed information
  • Avoidability tests
  • The compatibility and plausibility of the extent of damages
  • The existence of whiplash injuries
  • Exposing possible cases of fraud
  • Checking general liability damages

An expert team of engineers and technicians analyse the circumstances of the accident on the basis of years of experience in the field of forensic accident reconstruction and existing comparative crash tests. For this, the largest crash test database in the world for the field of accident reconstruction containing over 8,000 crash tests plus state-of-the-art IT systems are available. Furthermore, Accidenta is since December 2015 the first company in Germany that is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified by TÜV for data protection in connection with the “Interdisciplinary analysis of road traffic accidents”.

Depending on the severity of the accident, Accidenta offers a technical accident analysis either as an accident-sequence-report or an expert report for more complex accidents.


The accident-sequence-report offers quick and clearly comprehensible answers in the area of mass claims. The documentation can be used to reach one’s own verdict, as an argumentation aid against third parties and as evidence in a court case. Once the data has been uploaded and assessed, the report is available within 24 hours at a fixed price.

For this all you need is a user-login. Thereafter, you are only one step and 24hours away from your answers. Alternatively, you can also upload your data using the GDV-interface or an in-house interface. Contact us for further information.

If desired, we can also provide you with the legal assessment of the accident. Simply select this option when uploading the data.

Your benefits:

  • Quick
  • Cost-effective
  • Fixed price
  • Clear and easy comprehensible answers
  • Results within 24hours
  • Upon request, also with legal assessment
  • Applicable in the area of mass claims

Expert report

Our expert report provides you answers in the area of major losses. In cases of death, severe injury or accidents with more than two involved parties, we analyse the complex situation within a clearly structured expert report.

Besides the technical analyse, in cooperation with Accidenta Law GmbH, the expert report comprises also the legal assessment of the accident with regards to claims settlement.

After uploading the data on our online-application (same procedure as for an accident-sequence-report) or for example via the GDV-interface, within one week you will receive a cost estimation including a guaranteed turnaround time of two to six weeks. The results you will receive as a digital signed expert report, which along with precise and clearly comprehensible answers, comprises all detailed analyses and if required -the documentation corresponding to individually-tailored performed crash tests. Additionally, you will receive a printed copy by post.

If you should not approve after receiving a cost estimate, we will of course promptly and securely delete your data.

Your benefits:

  • Interdisciplinary analysis of technical, juridical (and in the future – medical) issues
  • Guaranteed processing time of 2 to 6 weeks
  • Clear and comprehensible documentation with detailed analyses
  • If necessary, direct implementation of required crash tests
  • Highest level of data security with a digital signed expert-report
  • Applicability in the field of major losses

Please contact us directly or use our Customer login

Results in a just a few steps

Simple and quick

1. Upload data

Easily upload your data to the online platform. The program will guide you through the necessary steps. Alternatively, you can also use the GDV interface.

2. Technical accident analysis

The expert team starts the technical accident analysis on the basis of the data provided.

3. Report produced

After completing the analysis, the expert team produces a final accident sequence report, which presents the circumstance and the results in a clear and condensed manner.

4. Report sent

The report is made digitally available for download by e-mail or via the online platform within 24 hours.