The Accidenta-Report

When commissioning an “Accidenta-Report”, one of the following services can be selected:

Cost calculation review

This option offers you the possibility, within a short time space, to have vehicle damage appraisals reviewed. Taking the documented photographs into account, both a repair cost calculation and the garages recommended repair work can be reviewed and, if necessary, also corrected. Upon request, direct communication with the garage can take place. So is a cost efficient claims settlement ensured.

Technical analysis 

The accident is reconstructed based on the material provided. The reconstruction gives you answers to all relevant questions from a technical point of view. These includes, for example, reviewing of the compatibility and plausibility of the extent of damages and the verification of information on speed or other statements made by the involved parties regarding the accident happenings. An identification of possible fraud is hereby detected early stage during the settlement process. Also, it is possible to determine whether an injury (whiplash) present to one or more of the accident involved persons is technically comprehensible.

Technical, legal and medical analysis 

For this, several of Accidenta’s services are combined into one comprehensive regulatory recommendation. The technical accident reconstruction becomes the basis for a subsequent settlement recommendation. All questions regarding road traffic accident reconstruction can be clarified by this reconstruction analysis. Through the statistical analysis of currently more than 25000 road traffic accidents further statements on the probability of injury to involved persons can be made. The results of the technical analysis then provide the base for the legal assessment of the accident. This occurs after close cooperation and consultation between the technicians and lawyers. Thus, can the road traffic accident not only be technically clarified, but also subsequently its consequences be juridically judged. The unique combination of various disciplines leads to a comprehensive regulatory recommendation, which forms the base for efficient regulation processing.

Closed File Review

Accidenta supports external revisions by reviewing the possibility of regress for already closed claims as well as open regulation cases in the field of third party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance.

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