Efficient and cost-effective vehicle damage claims investigations thanks to the combination of technical accident analysis and digital expert workstation
7. November 2017
The technical accident analyse from Accidenta on the basis of comparative crash tests and the digital expert workstation from Eucon is helping insurers accelerate the settlement of vehicle loss claims and benefit from a complete overview of the accident course of events and damage costs. The essential foundations of an efficient claims settlement, in particular in terms of mass claims, is firstly the elaboration of the actual accident course of events and the damages caused by the accident. As an expert with extensive experience in the field of accident reconstruction, Accidenta supports insurance companies with the technical analysis of the accident based on comparative crash tests. Further significant elements of an efficient and cost-optimised claims settlement are the automated and professional examination of damage appraisals or cost estimations and the smooth integration into the insurance processes. As a digitisation partner, Eucon supports the professionally correct recording, examination and controlling of damage claims documentation. To determine the resulting repair costs and for data-based rule-checking, Accidenta now uses the expert workstation from Eucon: a strong partnership with many benefits for insurers. But how does the process work in detail? The experts at Accidenta carry out the technical-analytical elaboration of the actual accident and determine the accident-related damages of the vehicles involved. The determination of the resulting repair costs is then carried out by using the expert workstation -the professional examination of damage appraisals and cost estimations. Firstly, the damage appraisals and the cost estimations from Eucon are digitalised. The next step in the process is the validation of the service and replacement parts prices which is carried out via the data-based supported rule-checker. Specialist technologies already enable a high degree of automated processing. The system enables the extensive process of accident claims management to be simplified and to significantly reduce costs. Upon request, the reductions are made automatically or manually in the cost quotation or damage appraisal. By simultaneously comparing the data with a reference repair shop, the damages can also be easily and quickly fictitiously calculated. The digitalised and pre-reviewed processes are then made available on the expert workstation for Accidenta to determine the incurred repair costs. Cost estimation checks and claim settlement are thus purposely focused on and efficiently restricted to the damages caused in the accident. With the accident analysis from Accidenta and the expert workstation from Eucon as a hjgh-performance partner in claims settlement, the settlement of vehicle damage claims -in terms of mass claims -are significantly accelerated and the accident course of events and damage costs are specified as early as possible. Both partners have a high level of technology through state-of-the-art IT-systems. At the same time, they are highly committed to fair service management, which is important for the speed and short service levels.